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Scalp Clinix Microbiome Soothing Treatment



  • combined with a gentle scalp massage, it helps to soothe the scalp
  • allantoin, bisabolol and panthenol strengthen the protective layer of the scalp
  • leaves the scalp feeling soothed and moisturized after the first application

For dry and sensitive scalp
Formulations with Biotic Technology help balance scalp moisture levels and support scalp microbiome balance to prolong the effects of Scalp Clinix service in the salon.

Scalp Background

What is the trigger for a sensitive scalp? Clients with sensitive scalps often complain that their scalp itches, they feel tightness or the scalp shows redness. The causes can come from various influences. What makes a sensitive scalp so susceptible? The stratum corneum – also called the protective layer of the scalp – is more susceptible to external influences. As soon as these break through the skin barrier, the scalp can react with inflammation, redness and itching. The sensitivity of the scalp can vary depending on the season; in winter, the skin tends to be more sensitive than in summer. Soothing Treatment. More than 93% of consumers say their scalp feels soothed and less tense after 4 weeks of regular use.**


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