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“Out of Office” Hair

“Out of Office” Hair

Out of all the things that are predictable – crazy hair color is definitely not one of them. For as long as we could pronounce the word: “balayage“ we’ve always seen clients‘ preferential hues of golden, mocha-inspired and reddish toned tresses being requested at the salon …but the current norm has spurred on a new kind of pandemic. Crazy hair color pandemic – and we are loving it! Even celebs are hoping on the bandwagon !

Some call it the bored—quarantine—effect but we’d like to think it’s the bright new you that will lighten any bleak mood and put us in our happy place. Colour in general is known to have an affect on own’s mood and as anyone can tell you, if you step out of the salon with good hair you cant possibly have a bad day can you?

With many having the ability or have resorted to working from home this has opened up the door to such dreamy fairy-tale hues. As our (experienced in such colours) Creative stylist at Mojo can tell you, it’s not easy to achieve such colours so you must be sure you go to the right person or that shade won‘t be the one you’re after or fade nicely. But when you do find that right person the results can be so mesmerizing. The Mojo girls have converted many happy costumers’ hairstyles into vibrant stunning shades – that are in-arguably so much fun! Take a look at some of the many shades the Mojo girls have created :

For those eager to take the plunge but steer on the more cautious side there are ways that you can have a stylish hint of something out of the norm like these ideas:

What do you think Mojo followers, would you go such for a change? Let us know!

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