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From Selfie to Self-Care

From Selfie to Self-Care is September…the new New Year?

If you’re a mum then you know very well the agony that many of us faced during those years months that our children were at home ignoring our pleas to listen to their online lessons or hanging on our legs as we type a sad excuse of an unfocused email. Being your child’s impromptu teacher is a big expectation that we didn’t sign up for. Alas, although we had no clue when but those days were thankfully numbered…leading up to the most glorious day that is: back to school day.

There’s an often forgotten part of this whole picture that many of us did not acknowledge. If we could just have a chance to peek inside schools we’d see teachers and administrators working 14+ hours to make it work, somehow. Only to have guidelines change suddenly. Imagine putting together a giant puzzle with no picture and the pieces keep changing shape.

While we couldn’t always control what was/is going on with the current pandemic looming over us we can try to use that same determination and take control within ourselves. Self-care has never been more important it has even been coined as the new healthcare. Taking a few minutes everyday for yourself to :

🌸 simply sit with a hot tea or coffee

🌸 meditate

🌸 reply to those messages you didn’t have time for

🌸 give yourself a facial massage with your favourite products

🌸 do even 15 mins of yoga/pilates..

🌸 treat your hair to the mask your hairdresser has been advising

🌸 or better yet let salons take care of you and simply book

Having a freshly made up face or your hair not just tossed into a messy bun and dressing up really does something to your mood which you will carry with you all day. Make September a self-care month and let’s have a re-start. Restart your new school year whether you’re a teacher or a retired teacher (aka online school mums) with a refreshed-postlockdown-look and as for mothers in general well we deserve all that pampering time while they’re at school. Here are some of the top trends for fall 2020:

Wheat blonde shades

Fiery reds

Dimensional Brunettes

Peachy and Violet hues

Micro Braids, eye-grazing bangs and hair scarfs

Which look will you be going for….?

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