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Are Salon-grade Hair products worth the hype?

Our expectations have certainly shot up in the last few years. In the early nineties we were happy as punch just to have our hair smell divine all the while feeling less than manageable and frizzier than pre-shower (how does that…

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From Selfie to Self-Care

From Selfie to Self-Care is September…the new New Year?

If you’re a mum then you know very well the agony that many of us faced during those years months that our children were at home ignoring our pleas to listen to their online lessons or hanging on our legs as…

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“Out of Office” Hair

“Out of Office” Hair

Out of all the things that are predictable – crazy hair color is definitely not one of them. For as long as we could pronounce the word: “balayage“ we’ve always seen clients‘ preferential hues of golden, mocha-inspired and reddish toned tresses…

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